Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Technical Difficulties and the IT Guy

I still like Stan Parks. He's the one who installed the Chronicle-Gazette's network.

I'm beginning to think he should get more sleep, though.

There's a good reason why you haven't seen last Friday's column online. I still can't log in. Even if I could, it probably wouldn't do much good. Candace Kane let me use her computer, after logging in, to get some work done: including that column.

Everything else went fine. In fact, I uploaded the column without any trouble.

Then, it disappeared.

The column, I mean. Candace's computer is fine.

Stan has been working since very early Saturday morning, trying to find out why the Chronicle-Gazette's new Frisco-Shamrock Envirowarp computers, and the Vacnet Local Area Network that connects them, had a psychotic break late Friday. And, fix it.

Someone here in the office suggested a crudely mechanical means of dealing with the issue. I sympathize, but Mr. Johnson's old pedestal fan might have been damaged in the process, so we dissuaded him.

Back to Stan.

I'd say that he hasn't slept since he arrived at the Chronicle-Gazette offices, early Saturday morning: but when I came in, early, Monday, to pick up some equipment, I heard snoring in Mr. Johnson's office.

It was Stan Parks, sitting at the Vacnet console. The monitor was displaying a 'progress' bar.

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