Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Halloween Story, Conclusion

In the late fifties, in a town near Chicago, five college boys heard about the old Seely place.

One of the college boys was an accomplished amateur actor, and the one they called "Ghost Boy" believed in ghosts. The sensible ones decided to spend Halloween night in the Seely place.

I wrote about Amos Seely last week, and the story that he haunted his old house, looking for someone to release him.

At the last minute, the actor said that he had to go to Chicago for the night. He would drive back before midnight, dress up as Amos Seely, and put on a performance.

An autumn storm roared into town minutes after they arrived. Lightning, thunder and howling wind set a eerie mood. Then the power went out.

Ghost Boy had brought a flashlight, which was almost enough to light the room.

Down the hall, they heard a faint thump-clank-drag coming closer. A pale figure, bound in chains, entered the room. "Release me!" he cried, holding a huge, old iron lock, with a key stuck in it.

"Release me!" he cried again.

Ghost Boy, shaking, walked up to the apparition, and turned the key. The lock snapped open. Chains fell from the figure's arms and legs.

"Thank you!" he intoned, slowly striding back down the hall.

The lights came back on. The telephone rang. It was the young actor. His car had broken down. He was quite apologetic: there was no way that he could make it in time.

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