Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Our new Server and Working From Home

For everyone who looked for my column over the weekend, and today, my apologies. I had it ready for the paper, but hadn't gotten the online version done by quitting time on Friday.

No problem! We're experimenting with working from home, here at the Loonfoot Falls Chronicle-Gazette, and this was a good way to see how well it worked.

I went home, ate supper, and then logged on through our new Vacnet server. No problems. I uploaded the column, checked to make sure that it looked right, logged off, and had a pleasant weekend.

Back at the offices, I checked again, and the column was right where it should be.

Then, about 2:00, someone handed me the phone.

I've been asked not to use the name, but a regular reader let me know that the my most recent online column was still that "Feverish Server" one.

That's not good. I got the website up, went to my column, and the one you're seeing now (I hope) was there.

I did not tell the caller 'it must be a problem with your connection.' That's a technical support tradition I don't mind abandoning.

I thanked the caller, and called Stan Parks, the computer guy.

We still don't know why, but when I logged in from a remote location and uploaded that column, it was put in a secure location. Anyone could see it: as long as they had an employee account on the server, and had logged in.

Putting the column where it was supposed to be took about a minute. My guess is that it'll take Stan quite a while to sort this little glitch out.

And, no: I didn't hit the wrong key. That was the first thing I thought of. Stan and I went to my place, where I uploaded a dummy column, and so did Stan. We tried it a couple of ways, and got the same frustrating results each time.

So, until and unless this glitch is fixed, I'm not working from home.

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