Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sven's Bait and Sushi Suffers Setback

The only sushi bar in western Grimm County, Sven's Bait Shop and Scandinavian Sushi, closed this week, victim of street work on north 5th Avenue. "I never thought this would happen," said owner Sven Sievertsen, surveying sodden debris in his business's basement.

A backhoe clipped Sven's shop's water line late Monday afternoon, but the leak wasn't noticed until the next morning. By the time Sven went to the basement, a half-foot of water covered the floor. "I guess it’s a sort of indoor pool," Sven joked, re-stocking a display rack of lures. He pointed to where one of the bait tanks had stood.

"It could have been worse," Sven said. "I'd been hauling crates up from the basement, stacking them behind the tanks. Thought I’d get a few up, out of the water, before putting them out back to dry. The stack shifted, leaned against the 12 gallon tank, then the tank started rolling.”

The bait tank, on casters, carrying a 12-gallon load of leeches, rolled across the bait shop, through a doorway, and into the sushi bar. Then it tipped over.

There weren’t any customers there, but the health inspector came while Sven, his wife, and their oldest son were picking fifteen pounds of leeches out of the carpet.

"He closed me down, didn’t have any choice really," Sven said philosophically. "It was a new guy, and I don't think the smell helped."

Good news for anglers: The bait shop is in good shape, with a new leech tank.

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